Recycling Versus Refilling

Most Laser Printers have components like Toner Powder, OPC Drum, Wiper & Doctor Blade, Magnetic & Primary Charge Roller, Chip, Developer etc which wear out, degrade or get consumed during printing.

When the user inserts a new genuine cartridge into a printer, all these parts are effectively replaced with new ones without the need for a service call. Hence, re-filling an empty toner cartridge with new toner powder is not sufficient to ensure the continued proper operation of the printer. These cartridges may print quite well when first used but their print quality will gradually deteriorate as the page count rises. By the time they have printed half of their rated capacity; their print quality will probably be unacceptable. The cartridge needs to be fully recycled.

Also a partially damaged or consumed component like blade or roller can result in toner leakage and thereby may end up causing damage to the other cartridge components as well the printer.

When a cartridge is recycled, all the worn out & consumed components are replaced with new thereby printing well throughout the cycle.

Cartridge Type Original Cartridge Re-manufactured Cartridge Recycled Cartridge Refilled Cartridge
Price 100% 65% 40% 25%
No of Pages 100% 100% 95% 50 – 60%
Quality 100% 100% 100% 50- 60%
Mid Cycle Failure 1% 2% 3-4% 50%
Components Replaced All All (except the Shell) All worn out components Only toner
Savings 0% 35% 60% ????