Refilling Services for Toner & Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

You can bring in your empty Ink or Toner Cartridge to experience our state of the art set up to refill your cartridges.

Ink Cartridge Refilling

  • Firstly the cartridge circuit is checked to ascertain if the cartridge can be refilled.
  • The cartridge is emptied using a centrifugal machine to ensure that different inks with different chemical properties do not mix.
  • Precise volume of cartridge specific INK is filled under 96 % vacuum to prevent air bubble & dust from entering the cartridge.
  • After refilling the cartridge weight is checked to confirm correct quality of Ink filling.
  • Each cartridge is tested for print quality on the test printer.
  • The cartridge is packed in a cartridge holder for safety with print sample.

Toner Cartridge Refilling

  • The cartridge is first inspected and an approximate estimate is given to refill the cartridge after checking all the parts.
  • The cartridge is emptied using a vacuum machine to remove the waste toner and other wastage.
  • The cartridge is filled with precise volume of Cartridge specific toner and other components are replaced if required after your approval.
  • The cartridge is tested for print quality and other parameters.
  • The cartridge is packed with a sample print out.