About Printer Mart

Company Overview

Printer Mart specializes in supply of highest quality of recycled printer cartridges.

With rich experience of over 17 years in Indian IT industry, we are focussed on creating a unique value proposition for our customers. We offer quality products with a tangible price benefit that would support our customers to optimize their spending on these products.

Printer Mart maintains stringent quality standards and uses industry class components while re-cycling the toner cartridges to ensure best and consistent print quality. Moreover the products are supported by Genuine Money Back Guarantee for 30 days.

Our Promise

Printer Mart uses only the best quality components and supplies and guarantees that the cartridges remanufactured by us will perform as well as the OEM cartridge under similar conditions.

Different types of Ink & Toner powders to specifically suit individual products depending on their specifications are carefully chosen. Our supplies are sourced from leading suppliers of internationally reputed brands. Our investments in equipments and the processes followed to recycle your cartridge and its subsequent testing indicates our commitment to quality control & customer satisfaction.

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of any of our refilled or recycled cartridge, please return the cartridge to avail of 30 days Money Back Guarantee with an original proof of purchase. We will rectify the problem to your satisfaction or refund the full amount in exchange of the defective cartridge.

In the unlikely event of a claim that a cartridge recycled by Printer Mart may have caused a damage to your printer, please contact Printer Mart outlet with a proof of purchase. We shall provide proper advice and technical assistance to address the issue at no cost to your account.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a Unique Value Proposition, of providing a solution that drastically reduces cost without compromising the quality.

Our Mission:

To be The Most Valued Partner across Corporate, SMB and User segments for Refilling & Recycling of Toner & Ink cartridges of all types.

Our Goal:

Is To establish presence across the city & be the No.1 partner for Corporate, SMB and User segments in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai.

Why Printer Mart?

  • State of the art Equipments
  • Latest Technology & Processes from leading international players
  • Best Quality components from leading international suppliers
  • Trained Man Power
  • Use of Cartridge Specific Components
  • Testing facility for each cartridge.