Tips to optimise your printing cost

Printing of a document is often last & the completing stage of a task like invoicing or despatch etc in any business and hence is very critical. Good quality printing with Colour Laser, Laser or Inkjet printer is considered to be an expensive solution. But it doesn't have to be so.

  • Refill and Recycle your Ink & Toner Cartridges.
  • Ensure quality of refilling to avoid last minute crisis and time loss due bad quality.
  • Use Duplex Printing where ever possible to reduce your paper usage & to reduce filing space requirement.
  • Decrease Margins in Page Set Up to fit more data on a page & reduce no of pages printed.
  • Ensure proof reading of a document before you print to avoid wastage due to mistake in draft.
  • Insist on an organized partner for Refilling as different manufacturers use different Ink & Toner powder to suit their print engine. Usage of matched & printer specific Ink & Toner powder will give good quality, consistent results and better Yield in no. of pages printed.